I Got To Keep On Moving

Months ago, at a Wine Night, my friend Lo and I were talking about our amazing friendship and all the fools we’ve had to suffer in the past. She said (and she hasn’t been the first) after I told her about my laborious life as a grad student who went straight from undergrad (which took me five years to complete) to an MA program, “You just keep going! You’re unstoppable. How do you keep doing it?”

I was thinking about this today as I was going over my to-do list for this week. So here are some thoughts about that.

On Life


Winston Churchill once said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Pick up those feet. Get going. There were days when I couldn’t fathom getting out of bed. But I did. I got out of bed and I looked at myself in the mirror and simply said, “Stop. You can do this. You got this. Don’t let this situation define who you are as a person. Define yourself by how you get over it.” I taped that to my mirror and read it every day. No matter what happens – keep moving, whether its forward or if you have to go back a step to get ahead.  You do get second chances. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel inferior or that you’re not a valid human being. Your dreams are worth something.

I found comfort by realizing I wasn’t alone despite feeling that I was alone. Just keep fucking going. And remember – there is nothing wrong with asking for help if you need it. It’s not a sign of weakness – it’s a sign that you want to dust yourself off and get back on top of things; you just need a little push.

At 31, I feel like I’m 24. But there’s something different. I have a certain swagger in the way I walk and move my hips. I’m more aware of my body and I’m more comfortable with my body. I’m confident. I wear red lipstick because I fucking can. I’m older. I’m wiser. And I don’t suffer fools. 

On Writing

Currently, even though my novel and I are having this sort of relationship…

Write me. Go ahead, write me…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA JK YOU SUCK.

Write me. Go ahead, write me…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA JK YOU SUCK.

I continued to write. I wrote great big volumes of what I was going through. I had to get it all out of me and get it on ink, on paper. In her book, Negotiating With The Dead: A Writer On Writing, Margaret Atwood discusses the question,”Why do you write?” I recently started reading it again and in the introduction, I nearly wept. She answers the question, thoroughly, but it was these reasons that clenched it for me: “To set down the past before it is all forgotten. To excavate the past because it has been forgotten. Because I had to keep writing or else I would die…..To record the times which I have lived. To bear witness to horrifying events I have survived. To speak for the dead. To celebrate life in all its complexity. To praise the universe. To allow for the possibility of hope and redemption” (Atwood xx-xxii). It was so beautiful that when a student came in for a conference, I had to wipe my eyes and play it off as allergies. Because I had to keep writing or else I would die. That speaks volumes to me. Writing is my baby. Writing, my writing, is something that I will always strive to protect and something I will always encourage to grow. It’s something to live for, something to move towards. And despite the past, I will always be here for it. Always.

On A Lighter Note…

Dance. Always dance. Find your fucking jam and just dance your ass off. Y’all, I’m not kidding. Dance. It. Out. Even if you “can’t dance” – my god! WHO CARES! Get off your ass and jam. Here, I’ll post this to get you started…

And just remember that living well is the best revenge.



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Well, it’s that wonderful time of year again. The birds have become more chirpy. The weather is slightly warmer. And, if you’re an instructor/student like me, it’s…




Words cannot express to you how excited I am to have a whole, bloody week off from everything. Right now, I have my Road Trip Apple Chips baking in the oven. I have my bag almost packed. I am ready for some fun times down in ol’ Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Lunch. Shopping. A hot tub. And their ghost tour.

For my first official post “post” later this week, I will no doubt fill you in on all the haunted details. So sleep in, eat some junk food for me, and we’ll see you in a couple of days.

Burt, you’re in charge.



Today on Living Creatively…

Margaret Atwood tweeted at Ericka Clay and I.

Margaret Atwood tweeted at Ericka Clay and I.

I’d like to say I played it cool….

"cool me" dream

“cool me” dream

But this would be more accurate…



(I actually have a post coming soon with an excerpt from Negotiating With The Dead: A Writer on Writing. Fate!)



Ps: Check out Ericka Clay here!

Pardon Our Progress!

Well, gang! It’s that time again – the time where I reconfigure and rebrand this ol’ house (see: blog). While being The Girl in the Cat Frame glasses for the last four years sure has been neat, it’s time for some new changes. The site may appear a little wonky for a time or two, but hopefully by the end of Spring Break, I’ll be back up to snuff.

What changes you might see:

1) New name! TBA

2) New layout (if I can find one that is pleasing to me….hurumph)

3) New concept. I will be focusing on creative writing once again and also, basically just living creatively. 

Things That WON’T Change:

1) My acerbic wit and high-class sass.

2) Constant anecdotes about my cats. I mean, really – who can resist Burt’s face?

'sup, ladies?

‘sup, ladies?

So be there or be square, lovers.



Ps: I am currently listening to musicals. This is how I feel when I listen to “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables: